Ed and I were disheartened and disillusioned after visiting different flooring vendors and getting quotes for hardwood flooring, but when we found Kahala Pacific Floors we were so excited! Shirley Hilton's energy, knowledge, and attitude was enlightening!

Shirley's Saturday class taught us about the different types of wood, the different colors and flooring options that guided us into making the best flooring choice for our home. Their pricing quote allowed us to use hardwood flooring throughout our home which we previously thought was prohibiting.

We cannot say enough about Kahala Pacific Floors. From start to finish, their professionalism, teachings, guidance, problem-solving and expertise is superb. This experience not only was a positive one, but also, the outcome was beautiful hardwood floors throughout our home.

Kahala Pacific Floors allowed us to take floor samples home to live with the different colors. We saw how each color appeared during different times of the day and night. We chose Cumaru, and we love the color and know we made the correct decision! Cumaru blends well with our furnishings and is not too dark nor too light. In fact, we have received countless compliments about our Cumaru hardwood flooring.

During the process, all the installers, Kevin, Brandon, Chad, and Tim were fantastic! Their workmanship and diligence outstanding and knowledgeable, and they were always courteous and professional. We must remark on Kevin's problem-solving abilities, his experience, expertise, and knowledge were superb! Kevin made all our difficult and challenging areas in our home simply beautiful.

We would not even hesitate to recommend Kahala Pacific Floors to anyone looking for their flooring needs. Thank you so much, Shirley, Alan, Kevin, Brandon, Chad, and Tim for all your diligence and hard work, for making our hardwood flooring experience such a positive one. and making our home truly beautiful.

With much mahalo,

Ed and Candy M.

Dear Shirley, Thank you so much to you and your staff for our beautiful new hardwood flooring. We love it! Paulette, Brandon, Kevin and Makani were a pleasure to work with and the entire project was smooth and we are very grateful!

Chester and Suzi M.

We recently had wood flooring installed by Kahala Floors. Highly recommend attending the free flooring seminar hosted by Kahala Floors, it gave us a better understanding of the pros and cons of products available. After making our decision to go with the engineered Acacia flooring the people at Kahala Floors helped to make the whole process seamless. In the end we had a beautiful high quality product installed, and we want to say thank you to all the staff at Kahala Floors.

Kelly S.

If you are looking for hardwood flooring, your search is over!  Kahala Pacific Floors is awesome!  We highly recommend them.

We talked with several other companies, but were not impressed with their customer service.  We were looking for a specific color/finish of hardwood flooring for about six months.  Kahala Pacific Floors found us exactly what we wanted!

We had engineered hardwood installed on our staircase and entire second floor (was previously carpeted).  From beginning to end, the project went smoothly.

Shirley, the owner, came to our house and gave us an estimate and stopped by several times during the installation.  She came up with great ideas for a few "tricky" areas in our home.  She is very knowledgeable, helpful and nice!

Paulette, our sales rep, found the exact floor we had been searching for.  She went the extra mile for us and we truly appreciated her customer service!  Also, she kept in touch with us throughout the entire project and was always available via email or phone to answer questions. 

Kevin and Brandon, the installers, were wonderful.  They arrived at 8:00 a.m. every morning and worked hard all day.  They were very polite and kept us informed about everything we needed to know.  Thanks to their excellent installation, the floors and staircase are absolutely beautiful!! :)  A big thank you to Makani, also.  He did some special carpentry on our stairs and curved stair railing area.

Thank you Shirley and your staff!  We are so grateful that we found you...we absolutely LOVE our new floors!! :)

Chester And Suzi M. | Honolulu, HI

Our wood floor was burnt and uneven from a previous contractrs terrible work, with a gross gloss finish. Kahala Pacific Floors came out on a Friday, and were able to start sanding the following Wednesday, completing the room by that Friday. 

They used the dustless sander and a satin finish, now the floor looks so gorgeous and natural it's unbelievable what a great repair they were able to do. 

I definitely recommend them for this type of work - we've also scheduled to replace an entire rooms floor and are considering doing two more rooms now.

Julia R. | Honolulu, HI

We highly recommend Kahala Pacific Floors and their installation contractors; and we would definitely use them again after replacing all the old carpeting and linoleum in our house with new hardwood floors (1100sf), tile (400sf), slate (35sf), and carpeting (650sf) at a final cost of $24,000.

We just purchased a 20 year old home, and all the flooring needed replacement.  I got quotes from 4 large reputable companies on Oahu and Kahala Pacific Floors was the most competitive on price and quality of product.  We contracted with Kahala Pacific shortly after receiving the initial quote and received a 4% early bird discount, and also received lower than outlet store prices by attending a short instructional seminar at the store on a Saturday morning.  They conduct the workshop about once a month, and it was well worth the time to understand how the company purchases their products, and to meet the contractors and all the support staff that took care of us through the whole evolution.  

Shirley, the owner, came to our house on very short notice and took extra time to determine our needs, helping us to find just the right hardwood, tile, slate, and carpets that struck just the right balance between quality, durability for the family, and expense.  

They delivered all the wood material early for the required week or two of acclimation.  To save $1000, we were allowed to remove the carpeting ourselves, which was not an allowable option by the other companies.  We also saved $300 by removing and installing toilets ourselves.

The dustiest work was completed first: removing and installing the kitchen, bathrooms, and front entry tile and slate.  The job took a week using one skilled installer, Chris, who had a very good eye and made recommendations/adjustments that worked out great.

The house was built on a concrete slab, so it required additional prep work to level the floors for the wood -- several day’s work with two installers, Tim and Chad.  A moisture test also revealed that we had additional moisture levels coming up through the floor -- not bad, but right on the cusp of decision to add additional sealant.  Though we could have opted out of the sealants which added $1500 to the total cost, Shirley and Allen helped us by offering lots of advice and innovative ways to lay down the sealant which used fewer pails and saved several hundred dollars.  It also made the floor softer.  If we chose not to add the sealant, they would have used another layer of poly as a solution for additional barrier. 

Tim and Chad were always on time, worked hard, and were a model of professionalism.  With house guests coming in and out they remained accommodating and respectful.  For us, they are the new standard for workmen in the house.  They were true craftsman and I marvel every day at the perfect installation in the places I didn't expect it -- like on the stairs and all the molding at joints and ends.   We used the hardwood quarter round throughout the house and each end piece is tapered and transitions perfectly.  The stairs purposely have no molding and look like original installation.  It's all beautiful.  Post installation they even came back for a day to correct a squeak that had developed at the back door and go over the floor one last time for any stray glue, etc.

I looked all over Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot for felt tabs to put under the furniture on the new floor, and could only find very expensive small packages.  I called Jaymie at the office and left a message on the machine that I needed help. The very next morning they delivered 2 large and comprehensive packages of felt (about 400 pieces) right to the house -- and it was about the same price as about 40 low quality pads from the other shops.  I wish I'd called them first!  

The carpets were installed in half a day by Alex.  It was very well done and we're very happy.  At the beginning of the project we were going with regular rebound padding to keep costs down, but we requested to upgrade to the best available padding.  It added $200, but provided more noticeable cushion, and moisture barrier, too.   Since we only ordered from local stock on the island to facilitate a quick install, we did run into a snag in the last few days when the carpet we ordered had run out of stock.  With Shirley's advice we did find a suitable replacement which was the same patterned carpet in a different color -- today we like it just as much as the first choice.

We did make several adjustments throughout the month-long process, and the team at the office kept up with every change request. A couple weeks after the conclusion of the whole project, we even got a check back from the office after all the reconciled changes showed an overpayment.   

Love our new floors and our relationship with the Kahala Pacific Floors team.

Jim C. | Mililani, HI

I would give them 41/2 stars were I able. Great company and product. I purchased 600 square feet of Tigerwood "Kahala" style engineered wood flooring. I looked at several local competitors, and Pacific International matched the lowest price I found for a similar product. The employees were knowledgeable and offered information and tips for self installation. lastly, they had the product ready for pickup within 72 hours, whereas most competitors wanted 2-6 weeks to import their product. Immediate gratification was indeed gratifying.

The Product: The Kahala Floor is an engineered wood floor, 5-inch wide with a 4mm thick surface (Tigerwood in my case). This means it can be refinished a minimum of 2 times, up to 4 if done with care. This means this is a floor that will likely last the lifetime of your home. Visually, the floor is beautiful. I was happy to learn that the planks were cut to 5 different lengths ahead of time, which meant a lot less cutting for my chop saw. 

The only issues I had were the occasional plank that was slightly out of alignment. I placed planks without glue first to ensure they were flush and sanded as necessary to avoid any gaps. I would estimate 1 plank about of every two 23 sq ft boxes would have a slight issue that required 5 minutes or so to fix, roughly 1 in 50.

Pacific also carries, in stock, the finishing pieces needed for transitions and trim. For my part, I used white quarter round from Lowes as I found the color transition made my floors "pop" visually.

Overall, a great product and we are very happy with our new downstairs.

Jonathan D. | Mililani, HI

Comment from Shirley H. of Kahala Pacific Floors Business Owner

Thank you for your business, Jonathan and for the feedback regarding milling. When producing thousands of square feet of flooring, there may be an occasional piece that didn't quite get milled right but we are careful to maintain strict quality control. We have informed the factory about your Tigerwood. Comments like this are a rare occurrence for us and we'd like to keep things as tight as possible. Thank you for the information and we hope you are enjoying the flooring--a beautiful choice!

Shirley H.