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Enjoy a continental breakfast in our beautiful 3000 sf showroom while you learn. Space is limited so reserve your seats today.

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Private Sale: Lower than Contractor Pricing for Seminar Attendees Only.

Many people purchase on the influence of a slick sales pitch, what their friends or relatives recommend, or just on gut feeling. At Kahala Pacific Floors, we believe that decisions that involve thousands of dollars should be made logically and with very good information in hand.

But information is never at a shortage. The consumer is bombarded by many choices in goods and services and the Hawaii flooring market is no different. There are numerous products, retailers, and installers to choose from; the choices are never ending. Come and gain understanding on all the critical facts on flooring without any obligation. Here, you can learn before you make the investment.

Comments from Past Attendees:

Your seminar was worth the time.

This was the best seminar I have ever been to, and I have been to many.

Thanks for the great information.

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We would have bought the wrong product if we had not attended…

I really learned a lot today… Thanks!

Shirley’s seminar was impressive, very informative, and detail rich.

I was expecting a big sales pitch and it really was all solid information.