Kahala Pacific Floors is pleased to be Nydree’s Exclusive Distributor of the Nydree Brand of acrylic infused wood commercial flooring!

Nydree’s commercial flooring is designed for high traffic areas, is easy to maintain, and offers a 50-year warranty. Mounted on a 5-ply marine ground foundation, its 300% more dent resistant than typical wood flooring. Its available in dozens of different color and patterns variations of walnut, ash, cherry, maple, oak, natural, etc.

What is Acrylic Impregnated Wood Flooring?

Our engineered construction uses 5 plies of marine grade Baltic Birch, glued with marine grade adhesive, topped with a 1/10" thick acrylic impregnated wood wear layer. Acrylic impregnated wood is made from natural wood that is impregnated with acrylic resin for a stronger, tougher floor. We invented the process in 1963 and continue to perfect it. See the below illustrations for a look at our patented manufacturing process.

The Nydree Manufacturing Process

The veneer is first placed into a vacuum to have all of the air, natural saps and sugars "sucked" out, leaving a virtually empty pore structure, much like cork.

The veneer then is impregnated under pressure with methylmethacrylate (MMA), a liquid acrylic similar to what is used in the manufacture of bowling balls and Plexiglas. This MMA then reenters the vacant pore structure, replacing the sugars and saps. (In the case of colored products the MMA is tinted with a dye, allowing the color to reside completely through.) The MMA in the veneer is then hardened into solid acrylic within the pores of the wood.

The veneer is then sanded, joined to a Type I (Marine Grade) Baltic Birch core material using VOC and formaldehyde-free adhesive. Once joined to the core material, the floor is sanded once again and finished into a gorgeous engineered wood floor. Engineered floors of this type are more stable and moisture resistant than 3/4" solid wood flooring, which combined with its hardness and durability, increases its versatility in installations and applications.

Why are Nydree Flooring products designed to last?

Superior Hardness - Nydree hardwoods are up to 300% harder than natural hardwood. Nydree softwoods are up to 300% harder than natural softwood and harder than natural hardwoods. Nydree hardwoods have up to 300% more indentation resistance than natural hardwood.

Unmatched Color Range - over 60 standard colors - plus the ability to custom match almost any color.

High Color Retention - UV stable colors impregnated throughout the entire thickness of the wood mean the color you see today is the color you see tomorrow. Some hardwoods, such as Cherry, will darken over time because of oxidation - this cannot be avoided.

Environmentally Responsible - Our 1/10" thick wear layer uses 1/6 of the virgin wood per square foot of area compared to conventional 3/4" thick strip flooring.

Dimensional Stability – Nydree’s engineered construction means less expansion and contraction movement than conventional 3/4" strip flooring.

Design Flexibility - Nydree flooring can be used above, at or below grade. It can be glued to concrete or wood subfloors; stapled or nailed to wood subfloors.

Lower Life Cycle Costs - Compared to natural wood flooring, terrazzo, or commercial sheet vinyl, Nydree products are significantly less expensive to own over the life of the installation.

Wear Layer Warranty - Nydree acrylic impregnated flooring products are warranted against wear-out of the wear surface for the lifetime of the original installation.